Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Investigations

Private investigators working on a child custody case care about the stability, well-being and life of a child regardless of age. We’re here to help prove or disprove if a child is safe and properly cared for with a particular parent. Our private investigators use various investigation techniques such as surveillance, background checks and interviews to document any type of child abuse or neglect.

Using a private investigator for a child custody case will:

  • Verify the safety of the child
  • Confirm if the child is in an unsafe environment or unhealthy environment
  • Let you know if one or both parents are abusing or neglecting a child
  • Make sure that the child is okay
Going through a child custody battle is a very emotional, stressful situation. Having Mrs. Jones Investigations monitor the situation can bring the proof necessary to support the child’s well-being. We’re here to help and all that we do is confidential. Contact us today to begin getting the information you need to ensure the child’s safety at (843) 944-0406.

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