Anti Stalking Services

According to statistics more than one million people are being stalked by an ex-partner, secret admirer, or an infatuated mentally unstable individual. Many stalkers form obsessions with their victim that can result in them progressing from the cyber-world to physical stalking. That obsession with their victim can also lead the stalker to become proficient in investigation techniques such as eliciting information and physical surveillance of their victim.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we will assist you to uncover the activities of the person stalking you.

With our personal security advice, you will learn how to protect yourself as well as to use effective countermeasures that will disrupt and frustrate the stalker's activities.

Once a stalker has been identified, it is often necessary to seek a legal remedy to get them to stop their stalking behavior. In these situations, we will support you in your dealings with the police and if you decide to take your own action, we will advise you on how to obtain a relevant Court Order.

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